February 2, 2011


Accidental Dave.
More fun with depth of field. 

I got a new lens that allows me to go down (up?) to an aperture of 1.4. I'm really excited for the new realm of photography this allows me to play in. However, I'm struggling with it. I like a shallow depth of field on portrait-type picture, but it's really easy to mess this up if the focus is off even a little bit. I've got an upload folder full of pictures where my subject's shoulder is perfectly sharp, while their face is blurred. To overcome this with my less-than-still subjects, I've tried to increase (decrease?) my aperture to try and get more of the photo in focus. Except then I'm dealing with a whole new set of lighting and ghost-y image problems. For now, I'm going to try to work on improving my manual focusing techniques. As you can see, letting the lens automatically choose where to focus doesn't always give me the image I was hoping for. I call these The Accidental Beard and Accidental Dave, respectively. 


  1. Accidental Dave looks quite thoughtful, does he not?

  2. Accidental Dave is my husband and that pose is called "Quit playing with your damn beard". It's one we struggle with often. I swear one night I will shave it in his sleep!